About YMAA Publication Center

YMAA Publication Center was founded on January 1, 1984 with the goal of producing superior books and instructional videotapes on Qigong and Chinese martial arts. YMAA was also an early pioneer in the DVD industry, producing in-depth, extended-play DVDs with hours of instructional content.

YMAA Publication Center is a pioneer in the cultural exchange between the East and West. While the West has successfully developed the material sciences, the East is celebrated for its levels of spiritual cultivation. During this ongoing period of exchange, the building of bridges is critical for the successful integration of the achievements of both societies.

Presently, YMAA Publication Center has published over seventy books by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Master Liang Shou-Yu, George A. Katchmer, Jr., Qingshan Liu, Walton Lee, Norman Track, Tai Ngo, Michael Gilman, Robert Chuckrow, Frank Thiboutot, Hong-Chao Zhang, Michael Rosenbaum, Xu Xiangcai, Ramel Rones, David Silver, Yanling Lee Johnson and Tom Seabourne. YMAA has published dozens of best-selling VHS and DVDs about Chinese martial arts and Qigong. YMAA also imports and distributes 100% raw silk uniforms, and a line of Classical Chinese Music from Wind Records in Taiwan.

YMAA Publication Center accepts manuscripts for publication consideration. Please review our submission guidelines. Submissions should address some aspect of Chinese or Oriental Culture—Martial Arts, Qigong, Oriental Philosophy. No children's stories, please.

YMAA will continue to grow, research, and share the essence of Oriental Arts with the world.

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