Emmanuel Berl, Carole Fives, Adeline Fleury, Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe ... the brief reviews of the "World of books"

TESTIMONIALS "Blood test" by Emmanuel Berl

It was not easy to have always defended peace and, because we experienced the trenches like Emmanuel Berl, to have defended the Munich agreements in 1938.Worse, to still defend them in a brilliant little essay published in 1946.'Addressing his compatriots, Berl declared to them a year after the Liberation: "The French cannot be responsible for the betrayals they have suffered.The blood test would seem to take a good liking to the collaboration, coming from the man who wrote Pétain's first two speeches in 1940.But the collaboration, Berl suffered the consequences as a Jew.he persists: “I do not regret having wanted peace (…); I only regret having defended it with too little force.Any examination of conscience deserves to be heard; Berl's honesty and intelligence make his own more poignant than the others.J.-LJ

“Blood test”, by Emmanuel Berl, Les Belles Lettres, “The taste of ideas”, 253 p., € 13.90, digital € 10.

TALES and NOVELS.“Works”, by Erckmann-Chatrian

They formed a successful duo and were then forgotten.Emile Erckmann (1822-1899) and Alexandre Chatrian (1826-1890) wrote with four hands a large number of stories that appeared in school textbooks.The present edition annotated by l 'academic Noëlle Benhamou brings together three collections of tales and three novels chosen from their abundant work.During their lifetime, these natives of Lorraine, a region which served as the backdrop for most of their fictions, were praised by George Sand and Lamartine and denigrated by Barbey d'Aurevilly and Emile Zola for whom their universe was "a simple and naive world, real to the minute, false to the point of optimism".It is true that these writers, who signed Erckmann-Chatrian, were loath to describe the blackness of existence and delighted in glorifying the heroism of the little people."Everything has to be a little idealistic, because flat reality, as we understand it and practice it today, is too boring ”, justified Erckmann.MS

Posted Date: 2020-11-23

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