The pleasure of giving second-hand gifts, the joy of receiving?

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A survey conducted by the Harris Interactive Institute for the start-up Obvy indicates that in 2020 48.7% will play the second-hand card under the tree

Recycled or second hand, the second-hand gift promises to be popular at Christmas.Are we ready to welcome it as a new present? Decryption.

There will be vintage jeans signed Imparfaite under Nora's tree.A little used, high waist, it sticks well to its desires of the moment.Under the duly decorated tree will also be a linen duvet cover unearthed on the website of the BonCoin for her sister, a designer lamp found in a resource center for her companion and some toys and books bought second-hand for her six-month-old baby and her three-year-old daughter.

This thirty-something who lives in Paris does not care about having brand new in the gift wrapping.Without addressing a radical "no thank you" to the presents just made."For three years, I have been trying to choose an alternative second-hand to anything you want to buy.But that doesn't prevent me from going for new when I can't find it." If the idea of the object having lived has long conquered her aesthetic desires, she also sees in the second hand the gratifying double blow “for the planet and the wallet.” And if there was any justification, it l 'ensures: "My gifts in no way take away the desire to please."

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Posted Date: 2020-12-24

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