Tai Chi Sword by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
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Product Description
Reach for the Highest Level of Tai Chi Practice

You can achieve the highest level of tai chi practice by including tai chi sword in your training regimen.

Here's your chance to take the next step in your tai chi journey

Once you have attained proficiency in the bare hand form and have gained listening and sensing skills from pushing hands, you are ready for tai chi sword.

The elegant and effective techniques of traditional tai chi sword

Tai chi sword will help you control your qi, refine your tai chi skills, and master yourself. You will strengthen and relax your body, calm and focus your mind, improve your balance, and develop proper tai chi breathing.

This book provides a solid and practical approach to learning tai chi sword accurately and quickly. Includes over 500 photographs with motion arrows!

• Historical overview of tai chi sword

• Fundamentals, including hand forms and footwork

• Generating power with the sword

• 12 tai chi sword breathing exercises

• 30 key tai chi sword techniques with applications

• 12 fundamental tai chi sword solo drills

• Complete 54-movement Yang Tai Chi Sword sequence

• 48 martial applications from the tai chi sword sequence

• 10 tai chi sword 2-person matching drills

No matter your age, tai chi sword is a wonderful way to improve your health and well-being.

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