Dukkha: Hungry Ghosts By Loren W. Christensen
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Product Description
Portland, Oregon, police detective Sam Reeves has earned a reputation for being a magnet for trouble. Even for a cop he's been in the middle of too much conflict for any sane man's taste. He's had run-ins with crazed psychopaths, Vietnamese mafia, Vietnamese mafia, again, and white supremacists. People think shooting a gun is just part of a cop's day and he moves on with his life-just like in the movies. But it isn't like that, and the ghosts of Sam's past continue to haunt him.

When Mai, the incredibly sensuous martial artist Eurasian beauty, the love of his life, returns to Portland, Sam feels as though the excrement storm is finally over. He has no idea what awaits him. The adventure starts on a beautiful day at an outdoor shopping mall and continues into San Francisco. Sam's father, Samuel, a martial art master of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fists, and his best friend, a Vietnamese man named Tex, come for a visit and to meet the long-estranged brother of his recently deceased grandmaster, Shen Lang Rui. A road trip to San Francisco, what could go wrong?

How about everything?

It's the time of the seventh moon, when hungry ghosts slip through the gates of hell to bring havoc to the living. To some in the Asian community it is only folklore, but for Sam and his family, they become too real.

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