Where can I download the ebooks?

After the purchase, you will receive an email with the login information to your account where you can download your PDF ebooks.

After completing the purchase, how long do I have to wait to receive the download instructions email?

After completing the purchase, you will immediately receive an automatically generated email with the instructions to download the ebook. If you don't get that email within a few minutes, then please check your spam folder. We have found that, sometimes, some email processors marks our email as spam. If you still can't find the email, then please contact us (choose technical problems) !

What format are the ebook available?

All the ebooks on the YMAA eBook Store are in PDF format. We are planning to offer more formats in the future.

Do you have DRM on the ebooks?

No, the PDF ebooks don't have any DRM protection so they can be opened with any PDF reader and viewed on any device. The ebooks are just personalized with your account information.

Can I re-download a previously purchased/downloaded ebook?

Yes, your ebooks are stored in your YMAA eBook account for 15 days after the date of purchase, during that time you can download whenever you wish.

What devices or software can I use to view the ebook?

You can view the ebooks on any tablet or device that opens PDF files. Our PDF ebooks looks great on iPads, Nooks and any Android tablet because it retains the original layout and format of the book.

How can I register for an account to download the ebook?

All accounts are created automatically and assigned to your customer billing information.

Can I return an ebook?

We are unable to accept returns for ebooks. Once purchased, ebooks cannot be refunded.

I deleted the ebook from my computer. Can I get another copy?

Yes, just login into your account and download the ebook again. If more than 15 days have passed, you will need contact us and we will place the ebook into your account again.

I received an error and can't download the ebook, what can I do?

Just contact us (choose technical problems) and we will help you resolve any problem.

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